The Fourth Amendment in an age of crime control


I write, research, and teach on the Fourth Amendment’s guarantee against unreasonable searches and seizures.  In 2016, my book The Roberts Court and the Evolution of the Fourth Amendment, co-authored with Craig Curtis, will be published by the University Press of Kansas.




Here are some of my Fourth Amendment and legal blog posts from the past few years:

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Musings on the Cell phone case

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Sacrificing a Little Convenience for Privacy

Privacy and Security is NOT a zero-sum game

Stop Saying “I don’t care if you search my cell phone records, I have nothing to hide”


Recent Fourth Amendment Publications:

Michael C. Gizzi and R. Craig Curtis, The Roberts Court and the Evolution of the Fourth Amendment, forthcoming, 2016,  University Press of Kansas.

R. Craig Curtis, Michael C. Gizzi, & Michael Kittelson, “Using Technology the Founders Never Dreamed Of: Cell Phones as Tracking Devices and the Fourth Amendment,” University of Denver Criminal Law Review, 4: 61-101, Fall 2014.

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Michael C. Gizzi, R. Craig Curtis, and Ethan D. Boldt, “US Courts of Appeals and State Supreme Court Responses to Arizona v. Gant: A Study in Judicial Impact,” Journal of Crime and Justice, 37 (No.2), 214-233, 2014 ( First Published: Taylor and Francis iFirst, August 20, 2012)

Michael C. Gizzi, “Pretextual Stops, Vehicle Searches, and Crime Control: An examination of strategies used on the frontline of the war on drugs,” Criminal Justice Studies: A Critical Journal of Crime, Law & Society. 24(2),139 – 152.   2011.

Michael C Gizzi and R. Craig Curtis, “The Impact of Arizona v Gant on Search and Seizure Law as Applied to Vehicle Searches” University of Denver Criminal Law Review, 1( Spring 2011): 30 – 50.

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