Stop falling for the distractions!

Sweden is a distraction.

Bowling Green is a distraction.

His inability to utter a coherent sentence is a distraction.

The press conference was a distraction.

STOP FALLING FOR THESE DISTRACTIONS.   You are playing right into Steve Bannon’s playbook. Bannon knows full well that if we focus our energies on these things, we are not focused on what matters.  We are not focused on Russian interference in the election.  We are not focused on Russian hacking of the DNC.  We are not focused on the mounting evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.  We are not focusing on the 30 page dossier.  We are not focusing on the refusal to release his taxes, which would either incriminate or exonerate him.   We are not focused on the actual treason that the former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn engaged in, and that the president knew about it for two weeks, and did nothing.

When we focus on non-existent terror attacks in Sweden, we are not focused on Putin and the real issues.   When we focus on the non-intelligible press conference, we forget that Trump is doing exactly what he did in the campaign, and he is playing right to his base.

When we joke about Trump falsehoods using claims of Alternative Facts we are legitimizing his own ridiculous attacks on the media, who he is now calling the enemy of the people.   There are no Alternative Facts.  They are lies.  Plain and simple.  Call them that.  The only fake news is coming from Breitbart.   And don’t call them the Alt-Right; call them the right-wing white supremacist neo-nazi’s that they are.

I’ll admit, I have fallen for this. I’ve joked about Bowling Green, and even joked about Sweden (although with an actual Swedish friend).    In some ways it is is a defense mechanism, a way to stay sane in the insanity of the last month.  But no more.  No more jokes about Never Remembering what did’t happen in Sweden.   No more laughing at alternative facts.  Just call bullshit for what it is. Lies And keep your eyes on the prize.

The prize is Russia.   Russia.  Russia.

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