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Tracking the GOP Debate

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My friend Bill Wilkerson is an expert on tracking google trends and wikipedia data to gain knowledge about salience of issues and events via social media.

His blog provides an interesting perspective on last week’s GOP debate.



Public interest in the 8/6 Republican debate on Wikipedia & Google Trends 

The Thursday, 8/6 prime time Republican debate was the most watched non-sports cable program ever. How did the public respond while watching?

After the debate , Nate Silver of fivethirtyeight.com posted Google Trends datafor the 10 candidates in the prime time debate. I have been researching Wikipedia as a way to measure public interest and was curious how the page views compared. The table below shows the Google Trends for the 4 hours during and after the debate along with the Wikipedia page views for 8/7 both in raw numbers and in an index based on the most searched candidate, Donald Trump.

Candidate Google Trends Index Total Wikipedia Searches Wikipedia Index
Trump 100 104,303 100
Carson 59 75,495 72
Rubio 38 40,854 39
Cruz 37 37,718 34
Bush 34 34,670 33
Kasich 29 54,306 52
Paul 26 27,267 26
Christie 20 17,957 17
Walker 17 12,881 12
Huckabee 14 11,542 11
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