The Peres Center for Peace

Spent almost three hours at the Shimon Peres Center for peace in Jaffa. A very valuable visit learning about the multiple peace programs being done to promise conflict resolution, coexistence, and reconciliation among Israelis and Palestinians, in the areas of medicine, business, environment, and peace education for kids and young adults. The Peace House provides a wonderful conference setting and we were welcomed with open arms. We spent time with President Peres’ senior policy adviser Nadav Tamir, and a Adima, their coordinator for external relations.

This will be a must see for students and would help people see how efforts at peace are more than just programs for kids. Their B2B programs for business between Israeli and West Bank. The medical programs train Palestinian doctors as health care on the West Bank is entirely independent of Israel.

Will edit and expand on this later. In the car headed back to Haifa to meet Leo Baeck School, a new Friends Forever site for this summer

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