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Where NOT to schedule a national political party convention in late August

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So a Tropical Storm, almost certainly Hurricane Isaac (can’t get much more Old Testament than that) is headed towards the gulf, and as of this morning’s forecast, would be sitting right off the coast of Tampa on Tuesday afternoon, smack dab in the middle of the Republican National Convention.     

If it goes at all west, its path would hit the central gulf coast, or even New Orleans which is where my professional association (the American Political Science Association) is holding its national meetings next week.

It struck me – WHY on earth would ANYONE schedule a MAJOR event in the Gulf over Labor Day, smack dab in Hurricane Season?    I know the last time APSA was in NOLA, there was a hurricane (that was 20 years ago).   It would be ironic that they go back this time, and have the same issue.  

And while I get the political reasons why the GOP would want to hold their convention in Florida, I’m thinking a convention center that is in a mandatory evacuation zone in even a Cat I storm is not where I’d be headed to.  Orlando would have been a much “safer” choice.  

But of course, as Dana Milbank of the Washington Post pointed out, there could be an “Intelligent Design” to this.   Or not.

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