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Damnit Jim, From hating Star Trek Beyond to loving it, in under 2 hours

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I’ll admit it, I liked the new Star Trek movie.

There I got that out.

I was livid with JJ Abrams when he abandoned the “prime” universe in the first “reboot” making a film that was a cheap copy of the original, with a non-sensical plot, and saw it just as a way to make money, and really not have much originality, while stealing my favorite science fiction universe from me.   But then over time, I slowly, slowly, slowly gave in. The reality was that if I wanted to watch Star Trek on the big screen, this was it. And bad Star Trek was still better than no Star Trek.  So I re-watched, and re-watched, and even went willingly to the second film, Into Darkness.  That one was both good and bad.  Like in the first, there was too much bait and switch, there was too much of an effort to just mess with the canon of Star Trek.   But it was enjoyable.

The previews for Star Trek Beyond left me, well, meh…  Just as in Into Darkness, it appeared as if the Enterprise was about to bite the dust, even though that didn’t actually happen in Into Darkness.   But the previews suggested an alien sci-fi battle on land, with NO SHIP, and thus, for me, no STAR TREK.  I’ve lived through the destruction of the enterprise before.  Twice before.  I never liked it.

Ok…  from here on our there be spoilers.  BE WARNED.

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