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The West Bank – Day 1

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In many ways, my trip to Israel is a fact-finding mission, and effort to meet with as many different people with different views, and to observe the various nuances of the “conflict.”   So far, I have spent time with Israeli-Arabs, with secular Jews, with Peace Organizations, I have toured a kibbutz, have chatted with students at a Yeshiva at the Western Wall. Today I shifted towards two days focused on the West Bank. Today’s trip was a 10 hour journey from Jerusalem to Bethlehem, Jericho, and Ramallah.

We began at the Abraham Hostel and left around 8:10am.   There were about 15 of us in total on the tour, and we drove south on the Hebron Road towards Bethlehem, and when we crossed into the West Bank, our tour guide met us on the side of the road. He is not an Israeli citizen, and thus, can not travel into Jerusalem. He began in jest by saying welcome to the “terrorist state.” I am not sure people thought it was funny. I didn’t. And then he quickly went to work, talking about his life, and talking about the places we were seeing.

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