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Caesaria and powerful conversations

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I will admit it.  I like old rocks.  I like rocks that were set in place by people 1,000 years ago, or 2,0000 years ago. Or longer.  Just as I was fascinated by Mesa Verde when I lived in Colorado, I am fascinated by the architectural treasures that are everywhere here in Israel.  Yesterday we saw the ruins of the ancient village of Nazareth, circa the first century (under and key to the Basilica of the Annunciation), today we visited Caesaria National Park.  Caesaria is named after Caesar.  Because it was the primary roman port built by Herod BEFORE the time of Jesus.   The ruins are extensive, and we saw the port, and the basic docks where boats would come in, the hippodrome, where the horses races were held, Herrod’s pool, in the Med, and the amphitheater,  PLUS the giant Roman aqueduct that brought water from the Med inland.  It was very cool.

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