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Advice for iPhone users chomping at the bit for iOS 7

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Some advice for those of you iPhone and iPad users chomping at the bit for iOS7, which will drop in the next several hours.

1. Backup to itunes and to iCloud FIRST. Gotta make sure you don’t lose everything if something goes wrong.

2. Don’t whine about the new icons. In a week, you won’t even notice them.

3. The iPad beta software was buggy through the last release. No promises it has attained the “smooth as butter” quality of approval. The iPhone 5, however, is so smooth that when you say “Parkay” you will swear you heard “butter”

4. Your battery will initially drain faster – not only because you are using the phone MORE to test out the new features – but because the battery needs to be re-calibrated. After the OS is fully setup, do a hard reset – Hold down Power/Home for about 15 seconds and let it reset. In a day or so, the battery life will be normal.

Be Safe Out There.

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