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The morning after the Syrian debacle

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It is being reported that the US agreed to a plan to remove chemical weapons from Syria by mid-2014, avoiding military strikes.   The Obama administration will claim victory and argue that were it not for the credible threat of US military strikes, the Russians and Syrians would never have agreed to this.   Sure, if that’s what they need to do to save face, fine. 

But what are the collateral consequences of President Obama’s foray into Bush-like warmongering?   The president alienated his already frayed and tattered core constituents, and damaged his public approval ratings. The president gave the GOP the ability to look like they are peace-niks.   He forced his own Party to decide between supporting their party leader and sacrificing principles or siding with their disingenuous GOP counterparts (who never met a war in the modern period they didn’t like, but were primarily opposed to this just BECAUSE Obama was calling for it.)  

So, now that this war threat is apparently over, the GOP can go back to their traditional hawk stances.   They can return to the process of trying to dismantle federal social programs, and further the interest of the extremely well-to-do top 1 percent.     Government shut down anyone?   

And maybe, just maybe, the news can return to the issue of the crimes being committed by the NSA, FBI, DEA, & others in terms of violating the civil liberties of the American people on a monumental scale.  

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